Sunday, December 24, 2017


Assalamualaikum and hi

I finally have these cameras. Mum finally gave them to me few weeks ago. 

We have no intention in selling them,  some old cameras don't cost that much and what I have certainly not giving me fortune. Well that's not the point. Do you know how many birthday recorded with these, how many places, mum when she was 1, 5, 17, not to mention that this is my grandfather's great passion in his living years. The way I see it, these old cameras are the only witness left to all of the good old days.

These two will never be my posession as it will always belong to my grandfather.  I would like to see keeping this as taking good care and sensitively cognizant of the momento it carries.

If you would like to own cameras from decades ago, there are collectibles available online with very affordable price. So don't give up if you wanna try out some manual, film thingy. Start with Amazon website.

My cousin and I have been trying to check whether it is still working fine. But we have little knowledge and clicking some random button might damage it more. So our curiosity doesn't help much here. You see, if you know anybody that is camera expert, familiar with old model cameras that can help us here, I would appreciate it very much, maybe to check these cameras and advise us on how to make it work again. 

Well I don't have big budget and this is definitely (sadly) not my priority in life. But if we can make these work again, it would mean very much to us. We also plan to take these to camera shop. Old shop in our local town maybe... we'll see. What we have here are Konica Minolta, Nikon EM, lenses from Nikon, Vivitar and flash.

I can see myself far from being a hoarder. Give me a room full of stuff to organize, I'll be like throwing most of it away and plus being minimalist seems like a thing lately. But if I decided to hold certain pieces in my life, I'll hold it closely.

Feliz navidad, lots of love, N.

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