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Hong Kong: Budget, Transport and Food

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

I'm here again. It's been a while right. So here it goes....another Sabahan, Malaysian who wants to share her travel experience.

Arriving at the airport, I was greeted with hazy view. Hong Kong was down with heavy pollution. I went in January.

I was in Hong Kong for 5 days. The decision to Hong Kong is nothing like wishlist but more to an impulsive decision. All I need is 15 minutes to make up my mind and settled the return tickets. I never regret it in a bit, in fact I feel like I wanna come back to that city someday just to splurge money. Going in and out in Hong kong is like following the city flow, the rush hour, light steps and trains. And people... there's just so many people. I wanna share three things here today which are budget, transport and food. These are like the most cliche information but I hope you will be enlightened along the way.

Hello Hong Kong

Surprisingly, this is the lowest budget I've ever spent. Such a contrast to the place itself. Hong Kong is a luxurious city. Setakat Longchamp, Prada tu bawah office ja. If you go to the mall in Malaysia, the sport section will be like Adidas, Puma. Here, it will be some high end brand from Paris. Well, I guess they go for haute couture look when going to the gym. Coming back to the budget, if it consists of shopping in 10 different malls, then you do need a big fat wallet. But for a marhaen like me, I survived with RM 670 pocket money in 5 days. Mum said it was impressive. Haaa! Return flight cost me RM495. However, I missed calculate one thing tho which is the weather. I went during winter..... but I was like nahh it's not like snowing or something. ayam ayam ja 14 degree ni. I can take that. Nopee! It was unbearable at times and I had to buy some extra clothes. Accomodation in HK is very pricey. RM200/night below will give you cheap hostel. RM500 will be just nice. RM 800 maybe a confirmed comfort. RM1500 and above is what HK is about.

But cheap hostel pun ok. The thing is you can never judge Hong Kong's building from outside. It may look old, gloomy feeling. Despite that, the interior design is so stylish and modern. The stairs are so clean.. better than the shopping malls in our country.

I keep hearing Hong Kong is mahal mahal mahal. Well... ok juga bah.

A conflicting year? Again? ..... I need rat to help

The city has one of the efficient and safest public transport system. Hats off to that. Trains (MTR) cover major areas. Bus routes are available to every part of the islands. So which card is better (to pay for trains, transport). Bila you google, you will read suggestion on Octopus Card or Tourist Pass macam link di bawah ni Octopus_Card_vs_Tourist_Day_Pass-Hong_Kong.html

Kalau lepas you hadam siap-siap all the suggestions in travel forum tapi still pening mana satu yang lagi ok. I would say cut the confusion and go with Octopus Card. It is the most convenient thing and value the money. Tourist pass is only preferable if you travel to so many places in one day. The Octopus card is refundable at train station and you can get your deposit + balance back. If you are already at the airport and happen to be at Terminal 2 the refund counter is at level 5. 

Halal food is quite difficult to get. I suggest you do thorough research before buying your accomodation. Certain area has very few to almost none halal dining. Kalau ada pun, a very creepy looking shop di corner bangunan. Of course, if you google you'll find suggestions like Islamic centre canteen, Wai Kee, Ebeneezer. But some of these places are not in touristy part of the city. It's in different area and you have to go to take MTR. So if you are very picky about food, make sure you research siap2.

Hong Kong has a lot of steep streets, Making this cafe looks slanted.

My Hong Kong travel style stays a lot about me in real life. Walking, walking and just walk. Drinking the cheapest coffee on the menu. Watching passerby and admiring their fancy clothes. Sighing and jotting something on my notebook. I was being myself so much and surprisingly it's comfortable. 

Till then, N.

To be continued..

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