Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Hi all nighters.

Poetry. It's World Poetry Day and I wanna write something.

So what really makes a poem. Well as a start, you can watch this TED talk.

But I don't wanna be so critical, all academic tonight. Just sharing some late night thoughts. 

Poetry for me is more than a rhapsody, but an escape, navigation of feelings and very very personal. Sometimes poetry only makes sense years after it was written like Angela Aki's song "A letter to my 15 years old self". I first heard it when I was in secondary school. The straightforward and intriguing lyric fascinated my immaturity. Now, after so many years, listening to it felt so different. Like it became nostalgic and provoking.

I remember reading Gilbert work where she pish posh the idea of living a suffering life to keep the creativity alive. A tormented artist. We can see that some of the best ideas/works produced in this world came from the authenticity of agony. Leav said in her debut novel that people who are prone to sadness are more likely to pick up a pen.

I can really relate to both of them albeit sadness is not the only reason I write. My mind can be a chaos place and I need to let it out. You know, keeping myself sane. And often, I found tranquility in poetry. I did write stuff based on contented occurence as well and ended up favouring it so much.

Only Then-Jungkook (cover)..... I really love this photo. 

I wrote "Prostitute" on 9th of November last year because I was so upset.

I get so many repeating nightmares that lead to me writing 'Recurring Dreams".

I wrote a poem in my native tongue that says "Autonomi rasa yang hilang sama sekali, Hati yang cuba membuka genggam silam, Mendiam langit di depan.... (cringey!)

I wrote poem at the back of a receipt and put it in my handbag for weeks. And lately I'm worried bila those writing bersepah nanti ada orang baca.

In fact while searching for photo to fit in this post... I found a poem entitled Blue Sunset in this laptop.

Maybe I should write more here.... in this blog. I don't know. Maybe.

Lately, I'm beginning to discover and love poetical songs. Well written lyrics. One that can stand without melody. Wild flower (Park Hyo Shin), Memory of the wind (Naul), songs by London Grammar or Bob Dylan, Hard feelings by Lorde (well this one maybe not, I just like the song)..... 

It's a World Poetry Day. Cheers to the kept or celebrated strings of words. 


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