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Hong Kong: 5 things you want to know

Assalamualaikum and hi all,

So here we are with the continuation of my Hong Kong post that I made in March....talking about so much delay. I even lost lost count how many times I started my writing with the hocus pocus of delay, or hiatus. Heyy....keeping up a blog is not easy. And lately tonnes of motivation needed to get this done.

Cut it short, here's the other part that I wanted to share about my trip.  These are five things that I wish I knew when planning my trip to Hong Kong.

The most cliche photo you can take in Hong Kong. Street art in Hollywood road.

1. It's not necessary to buy return tickets
I'm not talking about the flight ticket. Of course you wanna go back to your home after the trip. I'm talking about the touristy spot like Victoria Peak Tram or Ngong Ping. Queing to buy cable car ride ticket in Ngong Ping makes me think about this a lot. If I buy a single trip of cable car ticket then how am I suppose to go back? Is there like hotels or residential area up there? so people don't really need double tickets? I will travel across hills, skyscrapping buildings, mountains, sea....so to buy return tickets is like basic maths. Turned out there are buses services and other routes. What's better? You can continue your itinerary to Tai O fishing village and other places in Lantau island. 

For Peak Tram, it's the same situation. You can use your Octopus card going up. So save the time from queuing. You'll get privilege when you buy tickets online as it saves your time from queuing and waiting for the tram. But truth is, theres no special line when waiting for the tram to go down. So you'll be in a hassle just like everybody else. The other option is you can take bus service to go back to city. Again, no need for return tickets here.

Oppss...my backpack was unzipped. 

2. No public eating
I keep asking my cousin, how did the Hong Kongers keep the mtr stations so clean, despite million passengers everyday for the past 30 years. Plus, I seldom see cleaners working. Maybe it's the mindset or the stric law enforcement or people just constantly in the rush hour that they don't even have time to litter. I think some of the factors which contribute to the cleanliness is limited washroom in the station (to none) and no public eating. The later is fascinating (at least to me). Eating leads to mess, stains and odours. By prohibiting public eating at the station definitely lead to cleanliness. Now I get it why people were giving me looks when I was munching kuih and drinking water in the train. Sorry :(

Hong Kong Island from Victoria Harbour. Looking hazy....or i'm just suck at night photography

3. Weather
Weather is always essential when travelling. You wanna have the best deal of everything and weather does play a major role here. What I wanna share is how weather affected the best view of Hong Kong island. I went to Hong Kong during winter and it was down with heaviest air pollution few days before my flight. Thus, it was expected to be hazy. It didn't really bother me that much and I was still enthusiastic until the night where I watched the Symphony of Lights from Victoria Harbour. It looked very cloudy and was not picture perfect (like how we always see on the internet). The frustration were adding up when we go to the Victoria Peak and Sky Terrace 428 to catch the view of Hong Kong from above. We barely see anything.  It was cloudy, drizzling and very windy. My photo background was supposed to be the majestic concrete looking Hong Kong, instead it looks like white canvas. 

Above is my photo. Below is a photo I took from the internet. It was so cloudy/hazy during that day. Macik sedih!

4. Don't go out too early
The city is certainly more alive at night. No tricks here. Just go out and spend more time at night. I think I'm the cliche traveler that get used to the idea of let's wake up early, utilize our time, sleep less. But to explore Hong Kong, it is so not practical to go out early. The city is dead at 7am and livelier at night. . Shops mostly open at 12pm. I was so excited about Old Central Town where you can see the old side of city, lots of vintage shops, street art, fancy shops, art gallery, ice cream shops..... basically just things I'm crazy about. I was a bit disapointed when going in and out every streets because a lot of shops had yet open. My timing was off. It is better if you go to these streets in the afternoon. 

Nonetheless, I still roam around the streets early in the morning. It's a quiet scene. Some cleaning workers collecting boxes, garbage. Green buses driving madly fast. Construction workers settling in... there is one scene where the cement truck struggling to reverse in a very narrow road, in the middle of all these high end shopping malls.

On a side note, I think it's really convenient to take an early flight. Because lesser people in the train station. So if you are like carrying lots of luggages, it's best to go to the airport early morning.

The vintage stalls at Upper Lasccar Row  in old Town Central must be in your to-visit-list

5. Take a moment
This is not really important. Well, I just hope I wasn't too caught up with the bustling city during my trip. This bustling, constantly rushing city just automatically makes you walk faster. I could have just stop and really taking in the view. After the trip, I was still curious about the city... the lifestyle, how the mtr was made, the property price, the richest to poorest, history... and do you know how they construct the airport? This material city has been compelling. I just wish that I take few minutes to look at the ugly looking building which actually cost million.

The cool lady. Really cool.

Hope this is informative and useful enough. I guess there is always something we can do to make our trip more meaningful right.

Btw, I'm currently using https for my blog, so some fixing need to be done. Bear with the look as I'm still working on my ads, instagram, widget and stuff.

Till then. N.

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