About Me

The biggest question will always be either What should I write? or Should I write that?

Nuranne started to blog on 16th of February 2009. The content focuses on lifestyle, reviews, travelling and photography. Born and raised in Borneo, she is now working in Universiti Malaysia Sabah as a language educator. She enjoys the company of books, good laugh and takes writing more than just a duty, hoping that her string of words will bring information or inspiration to the readers. She could be reached through email and social media.

Email: nuranneliza@gmail.com
Instagram: Instagram.com/nuranne_


Miss Boo said...

wahh, u from tawau rupanya... :) saya sandakan...

AshLee Easther said...

Hello there. Thx for dropping by at ashleyeasther.com.

Baru saya terada masa blogwalking d sni..hehe.. anyway, majulah bloggers untuk sabah!! :p

p/s : I need to sign in using my gmail acc to be able to leave comment here.Cant comment via my own blog :(

mommieZee said...

Hai anne..lamanya kak x membaca blog ni..once,rasanya sy pun avid blogger jg..maybe i can start all over again kan.keep on writing..i'll keep on reading..insyaallah