Pose Tutorial

The tutorial ideas are purely mine. I love taking photos. Selca (self-camera), photoshoot, formal photo, you name it, I love it all. I have some complexes about my body that I try hardly to 'not show it' when I'm taking pictures. I'm short, uneven colour skin and sometimes I refused to acknowledge it. How do I overcome it? Of course Allah's creation cannot be changed. Otherwise it will be a sin. I'm grateful with my own body. I have my way to pull out my pose so that I will look more attractive.  I would love to share the tips with you.

I'm sorry if you do not agree with what I presented or will be in the future. Maybe you think that this info will be a total nonsense. It's up to you. But it won't hurt you to give it a try. 'Happy Photographing' people. Feel free to let me know the result of your try-out session with poses. I'm owkay with any suggestions in the future.

Do check the tutorial out and TRY it.